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  • Why George Carlin Gets His Own Street
    The genius of George Carlin is that he was able to get a message to an apathetic populace without them realizing that their opinions were being changed by a comedian.

  • Why George Osborne can’t balance Britain’s books
    The black hole in the Government’s finances won’t be filled without getting the regions to stand on their own feet as rival economic powerhouses to London

  • Why George Brandis wants to throw me in jail
    I travelled to Iraq to see the effects of the war being waged in my name. But under the Foreign Fighters Bill, I could be prosecuted and jailed -- and I would have no defence, writes freelance journalist Dan Moss. Read more on the blog...

  • Why George Clooney Wears James Dean’s Pants
    In 1873, Jacob Davis obtained U.S. Patent No. 139,121—not for Levi’s jeans, but for the copper rivets that hold them together. His application stated : “My invention relates to a fastening for pocket-openings, whereby the sewed seams are prevented from ripping ... from frequent pressure or strain thereon; and it consists in the employment of a metal rivet or eyelet at each edge of the pocket ...

  • Jennifer Garner Shares Her Theory as to Why George Clooney Didn't Invite Her to His Wedding
    Earlier this week, Ben Affleck stopped by NBC's The Tonight Show to promote Gone Girl. While there, he confessed to Jimmy Fallon that his three children were big fans of the "Let It...

  • Why George Steinbrenner would be proud of these Dodgers
    ST. LOUIS — The Yankees are not in the postseason for the second straight October. For Yankees fans, that has been a difficult pill to swallow. But there is one...

  • OUR READERS' VIEWS: Favoring Dickerson
    To the Editor: I don’t know why George Nerhan is running for Justice of the Peace (5) “just to have something to do.” It seems to me he has plenty on his hands including his eyesore junkyards that need attentive care. In addition, what skills, as an even-handed judicial leader, has he displayed? I’d say his record is not something most voters would applaud by way of a vote in his favor. var ...

  • Downton Abbey Should End After Just Two More Seasons, Says Star Alan Leech
    Season five of Downton Abbey doesn't premiere in the U.S. until January but if you really want to know what happens it's not too hard to find out because it's already been airing in...

  • The reason George Clooney chose his wedding song will make you cry!
    We study the lyrics to the songs George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin chose for their wedding *sob*

  • Why Not Just Have Fun?
    In 1936, America was recovering from the Great Depression. Things weren't great, but they were getting better, even though many of the country's young men were off fighting in the Spanish Civil War and banks still weren't to be trusted. In fact, it was a social moment much like our own. Which is partly why George Kaufman and Moss Hart's 1936 play, now in a technicolor revival on Broadway at the ...

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