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  • Nymphomaniac: what do you think of the first trailer for Lars Von Trier's sex-addict film?
    Watch the first official trailer for Nymphomaniac, the already-controversial new film from Danish director Lars von Trier • Nymphomaniac to be hardcore only as Lars von Trier gives up final cut • Nymphomaniac clip removed from Youtube for breaching rules on sex and nudity He's been serving up "appetizers" for months, but now Lars von Trier has gone and given the world a proper hors d'oeuvre, in ...

  • Nymphomaniac Vols I & II – review | Mark Kermode
    Lars von Trier's controversial sex epic veers wildly between the profound and the ridiculous Watching Nymphomaniac raises several thorny questions. How seriously should we take Lars von Trier? Is there a difference between art and porn? Does it need to be this long? Do we really have to use that brackety/vulva ( Nymph( )maniac ) title gag? And, most pressingly, what the hell is up with Shia ...

  • Dafoe joins 'Nymphomaniac'
    UK police are investigating the murder of three children at the home of a South African couple. Anglo American Platinum and Impala Platinum announced a new wage offer to end a 12-week strike in their South African mines.

  • Review: Lars von Trier's sex epic 'Nymphomaniac'
    Lars von Trier's four-hour "Nymphomaniac," which is being released in two "volumes," is a sexual odyssey that could be described as thoughtful, provocative, ridiculous, comically deranged, electrically composed, occasionally beautiful, unforgettable and terrible.

  • Review: 'Nymphomaniac: Volume II' is too much, but not enough
    Filmmaker Lars von Trier jumps right back into his 'Nymphomaniac' project with 'Volume II,' which explores the boundaries of need and want and the play between desire and demand. Picking up the story from the first film with little more than a title card — no "previously on" recap here — Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier jumps right back into it with "Nymphomaniac: Volume II" as Joe (Charlotte ...

  • What 'Nymphomaniac' says about director Lars von Trier
    On Film: Director-provocateur Lars von Trier is maintaining media silence, but 'Nymphomaniac' has much to tell about where he is and his career so far. Lars von Trier is in many ways the central casting version of an international art house filmmaker. Or maybe a "Saturday Night Live" parody played straight. Often giving himself the role of the provocateur, Von Trier makes films that dare to ...

  • Nymphomaniac: Volumes I & II: Gone limp
    Rating: ** / *1/2 by Matt Brunson NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUME I ** DIRECTED BY Lars von Trier STARS Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUME II *1/2 DIRECTED BY Lars von Trier STARS Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård Cinema needs its misanthropes as much as it needs its Pollyannas.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

  • Jamie Bell: 'I hadn't said hello to Charlotte Gainsbourg before I started hitting her in the face'
    The former teen star of Billy Elliot has added Lars von Trier to the bulging portfolio of directors he's worked with. But after filming Nymphomaniac, he admits, 'I had no idea what I just did' It's lunchtime in Richmond, Virginia when a perky Jamie Bell calls. He's there filming Turn, a new American TV drama in which he plays a farmer heading up a team of secret agents during the revolutionary ...

  • Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac unveiled in Berlin
    Nymphomaniac star Shia LaBeouf quotes Eric Cantona as controversial Danish director avoids press conference The extended edition of Lars von Trier's controversial new film Nymphomaniac was unveiled at the Berlin film festival, accompanied by the kind of press-baiting shenanigans that equalled, if not topped, those that followed the debut of Von Trier's last film, Melancholia. Von Trier, who took ...

  • 'Nymphomaniac 2': Lars von Trier takes a woman's sexual odyssey for a dark, violent spin
    Lars von Trier's nympho odyssey takes a dark, violent turn leading to the wildest of them all -- the ending, which is set to "Hey Joe."

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