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    In fact, he’s established enough to be able to just “present” or have his name attached as a producer to films like P2 and the remake of Maniac for fans to eagerly await the release of those films.

  • Halloween: The Complete Collection - Limited Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray)
    Highly Recommended Note : Although screencaps should only be considered an idea of what the disc looks like, click any capture in this review to expand the image to a full size .png. All of the Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers caps are taken from the Producer's Cut disc. EDIT (10/10/2014) : Please scroll to the audio section for information on getting a replacement Halloween 4 Blu-ray. With ...

  • Here Are 12 Scary-Ass Halloween Movies To Totally Ruin Your Shit
    I have always suspected that there is a reason why all of our best holidays come in the fall and winter. Days get shorter, and it's cold and wet out, and all the animals go to bed, and all the trees, like, die or whatever. Winter is a hard, shitty time of year. Read more...

  • 'Halloween Horror Nights' scare up the crowds at Universal Studios
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  • Has the Northampton clown returned in Portsmouth? Mystery circus act spooks residents
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  • 11 Freaky Pop-Culture Sideshows
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  • Fright Dome’s Jason Egan specializes in scaring people, but he remains fearless
    Jason Egan, the ghoul-oriented master of the fear fortress Fright Dome at Circus Circus, is known to wince and draw back on occasion. Show him a cat, and he’ll do that.

  • He specializes in scaring people, but Fright Dome’s Jason Egan remains fearless
    Jason Egan, the ghoul-oriented master of the fear fortress Fright Dome at Circus Circus, is known to wince and draw back on occasion. Show him a cat, and he’ll do that. ...

  • The Isis propaganda war: a hi-tech media jihad
    Isis is using techniques plundered from movies, video games and news channels to spread its message. Who is masterminding the operation and what is the best way to counter it? In 1941, Hollywood director Frank Capra was commissioned to make a series of propaganda films for the US war effort. He knew he had his work cut out: he had seen Leni Riefenstahls Triumph Of The Will a staggering, state-of ...

  • Bill Black: Roger Cohen’s Ode to Colonialism and Imperialism: Why is It “Insidious” to Want Justice for Banksters?
    A remarkable (in a bad way) New York Times op-ed shows that Roger Cohen is so deep in the banksters’ pockets that he cannot see that he is a leader in the movement to ensure that no bankster will ever “pay for his sins.”

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