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  • Frozen Is Now the Fastest-Selling Digital Release Ever
    According to Disney, Frozen just became the fastest-selling digital release of all time — with 3.2 million units (that's Blu-ray and DVD) sold on its first day of sales. That includes presale, mind you, and you can bet a slew of children begged and pleaded with their parents to order ... More »        

  • Kristen Bell's Disney 'Frozen' movie song with multiple voices goes viral; watch Detroit native
    DETROIT, MI -- Actress Kristen Bell, who grew up in the Detroit suburb of Huntington Woods, is part of a viral video that's tied to the hit Disney movie "Frozen." She performs the song in three different voices.

  • Hidden Donny Osmond reference in top animated film 'Frozen'
    While more people are becoming "Frozen" fans, audiences might have missed the film's more subtle references.

  • Bunny breeds gift expectations
    While shuffling through a stack of my daughter's schoolwork, I came across something that had me simultaneously smiling and scratching my head: A neatly drafted, 13-item wish list for the Easter Bunny. Twelve of the items were impossible-to-find, pricey Disney "Frozen" toys, the other a video game. A wish list? "Since when do we make such copious requests?" I asked, reminding her that the Easter ...

  • Video: Young girl's passionate rendition of Disney Frozen hit Let it Go is a web sensation
    The confident youngster introduces herself from the comfort of her bedroom before before bursting into full song - complete with theatrical arm movements.

  • What's the greatest Disney soundtrack?
    Open thread : With the Frozen soundtrack being hailed as a major return to musical form for the studio, which Disney soundtrack do you consider to be the finest?

  • 'Frozen' passes 'Toy Story 3' as top grossing animated movie
    For the first time in forever, "Toy Story 3" is no longer the highest grossing animated film of all time. With its opening in Japan this weekend, Disney's "Frozen" has taken the top spot and pushed its worldwide box office to an estimated $1.072 billion.        

  • Frozen proves to be a hot success at the box office
    DISNEY'S Frozen has officially become the highest grossing animated film of all time - claiming a title that was held by Toy Story 3 since 2010.

  • Is “Let It Go” another classic song from a Disney animated film?
    Since 'Pocahontas', there hasn't been yet a song taken from an OST of a Disney animated film that has been so massively popular and embraced by almost everyone that it has become a global hit.

  • Disney’s Frozen becomes the biggest animated film in world, is the GIF gift that keeps on giving
    The studio's 53rd feature animation and winner of multiple Oscars earlier this year enters the top 10 all-time worldwide box office this week, passing both the billion dollar mark and Toy Story 3 on its way. The post Disney’s Frozen becomes the biggest animated film in world, is the GIF gift that keeps on giving appeared first on Orlando Weekly Blogs .

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