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  • Deadpool Writer Launches Twitter Campaign to Get Ryan Reynolds Movie Made
    When test footage from the long-planned Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie leaked online last week, fans grew more excited than ever at the prospect of the film being made. The idea of that movie has been hanging around for a long time, with the test footage reportedly filmed some time ago apparently not convincing studio 20th Century Fox to go ahead with the project. Having officially released the ...

  • Deadpool Movie Test Footage Leaks Starring Ryan Reynolds
    Test footage for a potential Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds has appeared online. The immediate reaction is to assume the footage is fake, but the signs are suggesting it is in fact the real deal, mainly because Deadpool's voice is clearly that of Ryan Reynolds. The video has since been taken down by 20th Century Fox, but it can still be viewed here instead. It starts with Deadpool in his ...

  • Deadpool breaks fourth wall, colored tiles in Marvel Puzzle Quest
    Enjoy that Deadpool footage that leaked earlier this week? Well, that's not the only appearance The Merc With A Mouth made at San Diego Comic-Con. The Marvel Games panel revealed that our dear red friend will also be making an appearance in Marvel...

  • 'Deadpool' Leaked Test Footage Was Real and It Was Spectacular
    It was only 1 minute and 48 seconds, it was only computer-generated test footage, but it was definitely Deadpool — and it was definitely Ryan Reynolds' voice breaking the fourth wall. Created some time ago by Culver City-based Blur Studios for 20th Century Fox, the clip leaked online curiously close to the end of Comic-Con, and mere hours hours after Mashable wrote that the studios — and Fox in ...

  • ‘Deadpool’ Movie Is On? Test Footage Trailer Leaked
    The Deadpool movie is officially under way, as revealed in a recently leaked test footage trailer which seems to fix what was wrong with the character’s debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A lot is still unknown about the possible continuity between the two movies, but this could simply be a reboot starring the same actor.

  • ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage With Ryan Reynolds Leaked
    Test footage for the planned 'Deadpool' movie, directed by Tim Miller, has made its way online. Remember to wear your brown pants.

  • 5 Reasons Deadpool Movie Needs To Be Made
    The leaked Deadpool footage that hit the Interwebz a couple of days ago has created a stir. Fans noted its completely unrelated turnaround from the horrible Deadpool showing in Wolverine: Origins. The footage, while only a minute and a half long, seemed to be a screening test of a computer-animated Deadpool film idea, likely meant

  • Deadpool Coming To Marvel Puzzle Quest
    Deadpool is now a selectable character in Marvel Puzzle Quest, and starting on August 1, he'll star in his own episode called "Deadpool vs. Marvel Puzzle Quest." This news was announced today during the Marvel's San Diego Comic Con video game panel, which also revealed a new mode for the game called "Team-Up." Team-Up brings heroes not on your roster into the fray. D3 says that this mode will ...

  • HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL #0 - First Look
    Marvel Comics has released a first look at the upcoming HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL #0 . This first installment of what is actually a 5 issue mini series pitting the Merc with the Mouth against the Avenger. Who will rein supreme? Will Deadpool actually use that NERF bow and arrow...

  • Deadpool screen test makes all your horrible dreams come true!
    It’s so horrible, the things Deadpool is about to do to your senses. If don’t know who Deadpool is when you’re reading this sentence, turn around and head into a comic book shop immediately. Or just search Google for "Deadpool comic-con exploits". Search for Deadpool here on SlashGear and you’ll find a collection of sad stories. game developers being fired … Continue reading

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