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    So how surprised were you to see the name Adolf Hitler trending among frequently searched business terms this week? It seems that a Swiss company’s use of this brand for coffee has raised quite a furor. With one of the year’s really hot trademark topics among the public being the Washington “Redskins” brand, we naturally have to think about how “Adolf Hitler” would fare in the Trademark Office ...

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  • Forget the teen vamp sagas, Dracula is back in dark tale
    LUKE Evans stars in this vampire origin story about love, revenge, sacrifice and power. Evans told APN he didn't want to make "another" Dracula film.

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    The former London punk’s autobiography tells how he was lucky to survive his notorious debauchery of the 1980s.

  • Black Angel (Senso '45) (Blu-ray)
    Rent It THE FILM: Click an image to view Blu-ray screenshot with 1080p resolution. Before watching Black Angel , also called Senso '45 , I had not experienced a film by Italian filmmaker Tinto Brass. This maestro of erotic cinema is best known for Caligula , the salacious biopic of the Roman Emperor that was funded by Penthouse . His Black Angel captures a torrid love affair between the wife of ...

  • Forget Vlad the Impaler, it's Vlad the dad in Dracula Untold
    The vampire has taken on many guises since he first surfaced in ancient Roman myth, but it's unlikely Dracula has been cast as a father figure before.

  • How All the Game of Thrones Cast Members Spent Their Summer Vacations
    The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing color, and dozens of gruff, bearded men are descending on the film sets of Croatia, Northern Ireland, and Spain — yes, that's right, production on the fifth season of Game of Thrones is in full swing. The show's been shooting intermittently ... More »

  • Dracula Untold: One part horror to 20 parts fantasy
    The first impression is of an overwhelmingly brown world where everyone shouts a good deal. The newest film in the long line that is the Dracula franchise is being filmed in Northern Ireland, where it shares a backdrop, a good many technicians and a common spirit with Game of Thrones. It is clearly one part old-style Dracula horror to 20 parts fantasy adventure.

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  • Dracula Untold: Dental flaws
    Genre: Horror fantasy Director: Gary Shore Cast: Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Charles Dance Plot: How the good prince Vlad became a...

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