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  • Horvat packs characters into one
    About seven years ago, right before he moved to West Marin, Stephen Horvat wrote and acted in a production he titled “The Caligula Comedy Hour.” “It was based on the idea that Caligula had been reincarnated and decided to have his own talk show but he doesn’t have any power...

  • The Cult of the Baby General
    Baby photos of the Hermit Kingdom’s hereditary dictator are meant to reinforce North Korea’s state religion of moral and racial purity.

  • "Popular opera! What a concept!"
    The San Diego Opera, long considered one of the best in the country, recently announced that financial difficulties necessitated its closure at the end of its 2014 season.

  • How the Gospels Were Created: Many Jesuses Found in Ancient Roman History
    A new book, Creating Christianity, proposes the idea that the Gospel stories were also expressed in Roman history. Ideas about faith, forgiveness and salvation, according to the author, can be found in ancient writings by writers such as Plutarch. (PRWeb April 15, 2014) Read the full story at

  • On the offensive
    On the offensive

  • Lead Didn’t Bring Down Ancient Rome—But It’s Still a Modern Menace
    Lead levels were high in ancient Rome's tap water—but not high enough to cause the collapse of its civilization

  • Browse News & Features
    Comedian Anthony Jeselnik might be a sociopath. That’s the only way to explain how the razor-sharp humorist could dare say the things he says on his Comedy Central show, The Jeselnik Offensive, or on his recent comedy album Caligula, or on his many appearances on shows like Comedy Central Roast.

  • Michael Grimm epitomises the latest iteration of American bullies | Laura Vecsey
    Laura Vecsey: Since the the theory of American exceptionalism sputtered, a new culture of threats and brute bluster has reigned Laura Vecsey

  • As Man Utd sack Sir Alex Ferguson's successor.... From Tesco to Mrs T, why great leaders are so often followed by ...
    Probably no successor, no matter how talented, could have banished the spectre of the fire-breathing, gum-chewing, trophy-winning Sir Alex Ferguson.

  • My guilty pleasure: Showgirls
    Gaudy and ridiculous, Paul Verhoeven's cult classic nonetheless has its merits – just don't watch it with your parents My Guilty Pleasure: the rest of the series "Next up … Showgirls." The mere recollection of the TV announcer's words still strikes fear into my bones. When you're a teenager, nothing is worse – not getting caught kissing behind the bike sheds by your teacher, not forgetting your ...

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