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    Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel sure are having one hell of an experience at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. The writer-directors' debut feature film, "The D Train," not only became the talk of Park City thanks to a sex scene between stars Jack Black and James Marsden, but it also got picked up by IFC Films in a strong $3 million deal. The film's festival success should come as no surprise given ...

  • It’s the year of the bromance at Sundance
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    Jack Black and James Marsden star in 'The D Train.' H ighbrow film fans have been treated to a bunch of dirty smut at Sundance this year, with sex being a hot topic in a host of new movies premiering in Park City this week. The cineastes have had to avert their eyes to acrobatic sex positions, an unexpected Jack Black hook-up, and literal swinging dicks. Here's a rundown of all the sexy buzz ...

  • Our 10 most anticipated Sundance films
    There are 177 films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, which kicks off today in Park City. And you know, we wish we could see them all. Keeping our hopes realistic, though, here are 10 Sun…

  • Sundance: Jack Black and James Marsden Saved Their 'D Train' Sex Scene for Last
    Sundance kicked things off to a raunchy start on opening night with the world premiere of "The Bronze," which (as we reported) features a sex scene for the ages between two gymnasts. The good times continued on the second night of the festival when Jack Black's new vehicle, "The D Train," was unveiled at the Library Theater. The sex depicted in "The D Train" is nowhere near as explicit as that ...

  • Sundance: You’ll Never Guess Who Jack Black Just Hooked Up With
    The Sundance of Sex continued last night with Jack Black's new comedy The D Train, and before I go any further, be aware that the movie's central hookup could constitute a spoiler. It's the sort of surprising sex scene that the trailer might leave out (for several reasons), but then ... More »

  • 10 Hottest Sundance Sales Titles: J. Lo, Robert Redford, Keanu Reeves, David Foster Wallace
    After talking to buyers and sellers alike, here are the 10 most promising titles with the loudest buzz heading into this year’s festival. What’s the Deal?: The highlight of Sundance’s opening night lineup is this raunchy comedy from director Bryan Buckley featuring co-writer Melissa Rauch in what could prove to be a star-making performance. What’s the Deal?: Jake Johnson and Rosemarie DeWitt ...

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