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  • Isis a CIA-Mossad-MI5 creation?
    The supposed grand plan hits two birds with one stone: to pit Arab against Arab until they are too weak to face Israel, and to gather the Sunnis against Shiite Iran.

  • Moazzam Begg complains of malicious and vindictive detention
    Former Guantánamo inmate says it is inevitable he will bring proceedings against MI5 after terror case collapses During the three years after 9/11 that he wore his chains and orange jumpsuit, the most wretched moment for Moazzam Begg came after his first interrogation at Bagram in Afghanistan. Hooded, his arms and legs chained behind him so that his spine arched backwards, he received a visit ...

  • Moazzam Begg was in contact with M15 about his Syria visits, papers show
    Defence case corroborated as documents revealed agency told Begg he could continue work for opposition in Syria unhindered The terrorism case against former Guantánamo inmate Moazzam Begg collapsed after MI5 belatedly handed over to police and prosecutors a series of documents that detailed the agencys extensive contacts with him before and after his trips to Syria, the Guardian has learned. The ...

  • MI5 'gave green light to Begg trip'
    Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg said he was effectively given a "green light" to go to Syria by MI5 before being detained on terror charges on his return.

  • How MI5 scuppered Scottish independence
    A READER who is a Sagittarian, writes to sing the praise of an astrology column this week which gave her the priceless advice: “Be sure to wear something to a social gathering.” Personally, I always ignore the stargazing columns. But then we Taureans tend to be sceptical.

  • MI5 busts alleged ISIS-linked terror plot in London, police suspect plan to publicly behead citizens
    The first alleged ISIS-linked terrorist plot on UK soil has been foiled by police and MI5 amid fears that jihadists are returning from Syria to carry out beheadings on British streets.

  • Islamic terror plots on the rise, warn MI5
    POLICE and MI5 are grappling with an “exceptionally high” number of Islamist terror plots every year ranging from lone-wolf attacks to complex conspiracies, it was revealed yesterday.

  • The long walk out of the shadows for Britain's spy agencies
    For decades ministers would not even confirm MI5, MI6 and GCHQ existed but now the spymasters speak in public

  • Are British Muslims facing the same fate as the Irish in Britain once did?
    Continue reading...

  • Whisper app tracks users’ locations, shares data with Department of Defense and FBI
    WhisperText (the company behind the Whisper app) tracks the location of users who have opted out of geolocation services and has shared user data with the FBI, MI5 and U.S. Department of Defense. The post Whisper app tracks users’ locations, shares data with Department of Defense and FBI appeared first on Digital Trends .

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