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  • Fanboys of all stripes celebrate geekdom at Bent-Con
    "The Dark Place," directed by Jody Wheeler, is among the films celebrated at the upcoming Bent-Con in Burbank, where wide cross-sections that LGBTQ and fanboy culture will meet.

  • 13 Apple fanboys have made epic pilgrimages to Steve Jobs’ childhood home in just the last year
    When you’re an Apple fanboy, you’re willing to go to great lengths to show your devotion to the brand. That devotion could lead you to make a pilgrimage to Steve Jobs’ childhood home to take pictures in front it… and not even consider doing such a thing the least bit creepy. As Business Insider documents, over the past year at least 13 different Apple fans decided to head to Steve Jobs’ former ...

  • Fanboys Are On The Edge Of Their Seats At Marvel's Press Event
    Marvel Studios is holding a press event today at 2 p.m. ET and a big announcement is expected.    Film journalists and fans lined up early this morning to head to Los Angeles’ El Capitan theatre and everyone is excited.   Here’s what the scene was like outside this morning. The El Capitan Theatre has the signature Marvel Studios logo proudly on display. #Marvelevent starts at 11am PT at The El ...

  • A Poster-Sized Family Tree of Every Apple Product Ever Made
    Step right up, fanboys and girls: the relentless data designers at Pop Chart Lab have updated their Insanely Great History of Apple print, and it is a doozy featuring over 500 items from the Cupertino fruit slinger. Read more...

  • How You Can Watch Apple's iPad Event Today
    Apple fanboys and anyone else who's curious will want to tune it and find out what the tech giant is cooking up next.

  • What do we do about the Islamic State fanboys?
    There are more of them than we would like to think, nurturing rage on the Internet while we fret over ‘blowback’

  • 13 Apple Fanboys Who Made The Pilgrimage To Steve Jobs’ Childhood Home
    Few brands inspire such intense devotion as Apple. Product announcements are huge events, with reporters, celebrities and fans tuning in to see what the company plans to do next.  Being an Apple fan also means worshipping Steve Jobs, considered by many to be one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of all time. In 2013, Jobs’ childhood home in Los Altos, California, was unanimously named a ...

  • GOT7’s Jackson Fanboys Over Song Ga Yeon and Asks to be Kicked
    With a healthy, tanned woman who loves sports being his ideal type, GOT7’s ...

  • A Time When Fanboys Were Innocent, And Sega Was King
    Before there were YouTube channels about kids who were Sega fans , and a generation of people who equated being "fans" with being loud, angry and combative, there was a humbler, more private form of fanboy expression: home video. Read more...

  • 10 Poorly Received Blockbusters That Got Great Reviews
    A lot of entertainment writers frequently discuss the gulf between critics and moviegoers, or fanboys vs. general audiences, or box office vs. quality. A film like Transformers: Age of Extinction can have an 18% critical rating yet earn over a billion worldwide, while a thousand critically-praised art house dramas languish in the VOD graveyard.

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