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  • Vancouver power outage restored for Kitsilano, Fairview Slopes
    The lights are back on for more than 10,000 BC Hydro customers in Vancouver who lost power on Wednesday morning because of a problem with a substation.

  • Vancouver power outage hits Kitsilano, Fairview Slopes
    More than 10,000 BC Hydro customers in Vancouver are without power on Wednesday morning because of problem with a substation.

  • Cities get smarter
    Cities are unique among man-made institutions in being essentially immortal. A number of cities in Northern Africa and Western Asia are least 5,000 years old, and Jericho, in the West Bank, is believed to have been continuously inhabited since 10,000 BC.

  • Myst to return as a TV series - oh, and a game
    The mist of mist-understanding. Remember Myst? It was that heralded first-person exploration puzzler everyone talked about that turned out to be terrifically underwhelming when you finally got around to giving it a try. And you remember how it had that storyline about an island and, um, some books with little TVs on them or something? Oh, and there was airship I think! But you never flew it, or ...

  • Energizing the Young Engineers of Tomorrow
    Young Jacob is working on programming the Arduino to make his robot's eyes flash messages in Morse code. We may have an engineer in the making.

  • Number of deaths from flu, bubonic plague and Ebola around the world since 541
    The interactive map shows the reach of outbreaks such as the Plague of Justinian (pictured), which afflicted the Eastern Roman Empire, through to Sars and Ebola.

  • Understanding the Ebola crisis: special report
    As the world gears up for the fight against the worst-ever Ebola outbreak, 7News explains the facts about the world's most fast-moving virus.

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