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  • Big Driver
    Highly Recommended "No more!" "Lots more!" Ballsy, unapologetic rape revenge meller, with that sick, patented Stephen King black humor. Lionsgate has released Big Driver , the 2014 Lifetime made-for-TV thriller, based on King's 2010 novella, scripted (with genuine anger) by Richard Christian Matheson, directed (with deceptively sly skill) by Mikael Salomon, and starring Maria Bello, Ann Dowd ...

  • Oh, The Horror: Problematic horror
    While most horror movies have problematic elements, the ones below are the worst. Unlike others, there’s simply no merit in them to overpower the awful parts of the film. 1. Hostel (2005): The Hostel franchise is problematic for a variety of reasons. First and foremost it’s part of the torture porn or “gorno” subgenre and... More »

  • ‘The Boy Next Door’ Interview: Rob Cohen on Heating Things Up & ‘xXx 3′
    If you’re curious to know what audiences will be talking about after they see The Boy Next Door this weekend, it will either be the steamy love scene between stars Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman or the film’s winky schlock factor.

  • Sundance review: Keanu Reeves is not the answer to 'Knock Knock'
    PARK CITY, Utah — Give Eli Roth and Keanu Reeves credit for trying something different in Knock Knock , which premiered late Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival Roth foregoes the usual buckets of blood for more cerebral horrors, while Reeves — well, makes a movie with Eli Roth. And for the first act of this "cautionary tale" (Reeves' words, not ours; see below), it's a fresh and fun ...

  • When Sundance Buzz is Minimal, Get Excited
    The Sundance Film Festival arrives at the top of every year to take the temperature on the American independent film scene. That's not to say that the festival provides any kind of scientific formula for evaluating the artistry or commercial potential of movies in this country, but with over 100 world premieres, filmmakers old and new gathering alongside innumerable industry types with varying ...

  • Louis C.K.: 'Louie' Season 5 Is "Laugh-Centric," Less Dramatic
    The actor-comedian also addressed some of season four's most controversial moments at TCA.

  • Louis C.K.: Reactions to 'Louie' rape scene are all valid
    It took all of two questions to Louis C.K. at the winter 2015 TV press tour on Sunday (Jan. 18) for someone to ask about the controversial"Louie" episode where his character tries to force himself on his friend/unrequited crush, Pamela (Pamela Adlon).The episode generated a huge amount of discussion over Louie the character's and Louis C.K. the creator's intentions, and whether it tried to laugh ...

  • Teen charged with homicide, rape, kidnapping after weekend of terror
    A jealous Milwaukee teenager, armed with a gun, entered his ex-girlfriend's home, raped her younger sister who was home alone, then gunned down his ex's new suitor when they arrived home, according to prosecutors.

  • RoboCop Is The Best Movie Ever Made
    In fourth grade, I went to school every day with a RoboCop lunchbox. In retrospect, this seems insane. RoboCop is arguably the bleakest, most violent, most nihilistic movie ever made by an American studio. Every scene seems to drip with malice even when nothing especially dramatic is happening. It's a masterpiece of brutality, a spectacle of hate that mercilessly satirizes everything around it ...

  • Sundance Reviews: Literary Lions, Troubled Teens, Lithuanian Lesbians
    After the death of his best friend Teddy (Avan Jogia, also appearing in “I Am Michael” at Sundance), disaffected teenager Jude (Asa Butterfield, “Ender’s Game”) leaves Vermont and goes to Manhattan to live with his drug-dealing dad Les (Ethan Hawke). Jude is smitten with Eliza (Hailee Steinfeld), the daughter of Les’ current girlfriend Diane (Emily Mortimer), but then it turns out Eliza is ...

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