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  • Sasquatch Glass builds designer bongs | Made in Seattle
    For Sasquatch Glass co-founders Scott Hunter and Spencer Ward, the market for high end marijuana smoking implements is taking off.

  • Foothills restaurant fined for bar fights
    Sheriff complained to liquor department about five violent fights at Lodge Sasquatch.

  • Rally gathers new names for petition
    Group still working to save Sasquatch Park near Harrison Hot Springs

  • Sorry, That 'Bigfoot DNA' Came from a Raccoon
    A new genetic analysis has found no evidence for a cryptic humanlike primate known as Bigfoot or the Yeti. Hair samples from creatures claimed to be Bigfoot or Sasquatch actually come from cows, horses, dogs and even a few extinct bears. Dubbed the Yeti in the Himalayas, and Bigfoot or Sasquatch in North America, the creature has been called a hybrid human, an early human — such as a Neanderthal ...

  • Bigfoot hair samples ruled out through DNA analysis
    Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot; whatever name it goes by, the wild-dwelling beast-man of local legends still has yet to be proven to exist, according to science.

  • Council votes unanimously to preserve park land
    Harrison council voices its opposition to Seabird plan to move logs through Sasquatch Park

  • Volokh Conspiracy: [By Kevin Underhill:] The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance
    Beginning a five-part series examining weird laws and trying to explain their existence.

  • Bigfoot 'photographed in Virginia by man who saw it 25 years ago'
    Randy O'Neal, 40, posted the Sasquatch photographs online, which he says his father took on a camera phone this weekend near the Intracoastal Highway in Virginia.

  • Bigfoot and Sasquatch hairs no match for DNA analysis
    By Sharon Begley NEW YORK (Reuters) - A genetic analysis of hair collected by people catching a glimpse of what they believed was a yeti, Bigfoot or Sasquatch has matched the samples to bears and other common animals, dealing a blow to those who believe mythic beasts roam the wild unbeknownst to science. The researchers undertook the analysis, reported on Tuesday, because of complaints from ...

  • Sasquatch park near Harrison Hot Springs among protected areas eyed for boundary changes
    The Ministry of Environment is considering five formal applications for boundary amendments to nine B.C. parks and protected areas, largely to make it easier for industrial developments to proceed. “It took 100 years to get 14 per cent of the land base protected,” Gwen Barlee of the Wilderness Committee said in an interview Tuesday. “This just rolls back that certainty. It rolls back the ...

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