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  • Angie's List: Removing poison ivy, oak or sumac
    It is important to be able to identify and remove poison ivy, oak or sumac.

  • Leaves of three, let it be
    BY GINNY RAUE OAKLAND — You went to sleep fine last night but woke up this morning with blisters and itching skin. Sure, you were weeding yesterday but you had on your garden gloves. So how did you get poison ivy?

  • Angie’s List: Tips For Removal Of Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac
    A weekend spent working in the yard can turn into an itchy, uncomfortable nightmare, if you don’t steer clear of poisonous plants.

  • Angie's List Report: Poison Ivy
    A weekend spent working in the yard can turn into an itchy, uncomfortable nightmare, if you don't steer clear of poisonous plants. In this week's Angie's List report, Nancy Naeve explains how to identify and remove poison ivy, oak or sumac.

  • Do you recognize this mystery plant?
    Poison ivy isn't "evil." Neither are spiders or hurricanes. Some plants do cause problems, of course. Poison ivy is a "problem" plant for humans in that it causes lots of people to break out in allergic reactions, sometimes severely.

  • Humane Society: Poison ivy affects pets, too
    After such a prolonged heat wave, the cooler temperatures have made the morning dog walk a lot more enjoyable. And, it's a reminder that autumn will be here in no time.

  • Angie's List: Poisonous Plants
    A weekend spent working in the yard can turn into an itchy nightmare, if you don't stay away from poisonous plants.

  • Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel considered recovered
    Endangered Shore animal's long recovery credited in large part to 'the squirrel man' Federal officials are expected to announce today that the squirrel has bounced back from the brink of extinction and is no longer in need of legal protection.

  • What's Going Around
    Local doctors explain what they're seeing in their offices this week.

  • Always Shopping for New Ideas Helps Feed the Future
    5:47 pm, August 28, 2014 Mollie Doyle On any given day the owner of Cronig’s Markets can be found sweeping the parking lot of his stores, pulling bull briar and poison ivy at Thimble Farm or expanding his myriad evolving business interests. Steve Bernier says at heart he is just an old-fashioned entrepreneur. var switchTo5x=false; stLight.options({publisher:'ef8ddb61-e8d9-4053-9694-0dc034050ea1 ...

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