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  • Bad Summer for Poison Ivy
    JOPLIN, Mo. -- More of us have been outside in the cooler summer in the Ozarks.  And that means more of us are encountering a plant that is causing a lot of people trouble this year. "It's not fun at all. It itches. It's hard to sleep when you're itching," said Kelli Craigin who suffers from poison ivy.  85% of people in Southwest Missouri will be affected by the three leaf poison ivy plant at ...

  • Goats Are Eating Our Poison Ivy, For the Children
    An overgrown Hyde Park lot is becoming dinner for some lucky - and hopefully hungry - farm animals: goats are being brought in to eat the poison ivy that has taken over the space.

  • Experts address myths about poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac
    With summer temperatures luring us outdoors, scientists with the Weed Science Society of America say it’s a great time for refresher course on poi

  • MARTINO: Poison ivy is prevalent in summer
    “Looks like you got into some poison ivy again,” I said to my mother last week. It was easy to tell as a red rash covered her arms and her face was painfully swollen. She is one of those people who loves being outdoors yet highly allergic to the common plant. Sometimes I believe she can get the rash by simply looking at the noxious weed.

  • NYC Parks Seeing Rash Of Poison Ivy Cases This Summer
    At Clove Lake Park on Staten Island, poison ivy is so high that it's at eye level with joggers, making it easy to brush up against.

  • 8 Summer Miseries Made Worse by Global Warming, From Poison Ivy to Allergies
    New NRDC report warns of summer woes worsened by climate change, from poison ivy to allergies, heat waves, and ruined vacations.

  • Ways to Protect Your Family Outdoors
    Before your family begins enjoying the great outdoors during this adventure-filled season, make sure your yard is properly treated to avoid the dangers of poison ivy, oak or sumac.

  • Teens create 'goatscaping' venture to clear park's poison ivy
    A group of Boston teens are monitoring a team of goats to clean up poison ivy in a city park. 

  • Boston enlists goats to combat poison ivy - News, Weather and Classifieds for Southern New England
    The city of Boston is enlisting goats to combat poison ivy and other invasive plants in a city park.

  • Boston Using Goats To Clear Poison Ivy
    Poison ivy does not impact goats.

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