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  • Garden Variety: Tougher poison ivy
    Can poison ivy really get any worse? For gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts who regularly encounter poison ivy, the rumors that the plant is becoming more abundant are starting to look true.

  • Angie's List Report: Identifying Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac
    (WDEF) Homeowner Shirley Branham loves tending to her yard and garden, but she can't seem to escape the itchy wrath of poison ivy.         She said, "I usually just noticed one or two little dots which eventually unfortunately then spread all the way up my arm or on my legs."         The key to avoiding a rash like Shirley's is knowing how to spot these poisonous plants.         Poison ivy grows ...

  • Ticks, mosquitoes on the rise in Iowa
    DES MOINES — Ballooning amounts of ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy are invading Iowa because of climate change, and the increase will bring higher rates for disease, according to a report by the Iowa Wildlife Federation. The report, titled “Ticked Off — America’s Outdoor Experience and Climate Change,” outlined effects on the outdoors from rising carbon dioxide rates, increased humidity and ...

  • Ravenous Goats Making Quick Work of Hyde Park Poison Ivy
    There are new landscapers in town and they’re not human.

  • Climate change could mean more ticks, mosquitoes
    Along with weather extremes including floods and drought, experts say a warmer Iowa climate also could boost the population of ticks, mosquitoes and fire ants and make poison ivy more potent.

  • ‘Gotham’ Extended Trailer Features the Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and the Riddler Before They Were Famous (Video)
    A new extended trailer for Fox's fall drama “Gotham” makes it perfectly clear that “Batman” fans can look forward to meeting their favorite villains before they were famous for being bad.

  • Don't Get Fooled by Poison Ivy
    If you think you know what poison ivy looks like, think again. Poison ivy can take the form of a vine, shrub or ground cover. It has leaves that are shiny and leaves that are dull. Its edges can be smoothed or notched.

  • Goats Are Eating Our Poison Ivy, For the Children
    An overgrown Hyde Park lot is becoming dinner for some lucky - and hopefully hungry - farm animals: goats are being brought in to eat the poison ivy that has taken over the space.

  • Angie's List: Removing Poison Ivy, Sumac or Oak Plants
    A weekend spent working in the yard can turn into an itchy, uncomfortable nightmare -- if you don't steer clear of poisonous plants. The key to avoiding a rash is knowing how to spot these poisonous plants.

  • ElectroVine: Power cord disguised as a house plant
    The mild-mannered power cord gets a makeover that would turn Poison Ivy green with envy.

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