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  • Tornadoes Are Occurring Earlier In Tornado Alley
    April Flowers for - Your Universe Online Together, the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and northern Texas have many names. They are considered the High Plains, the Breadbasket, the site of the Dust Bowl, and perhaps most importantly Tornado Alley . Every year from early May to early July, tornadoes rip through this area with a higher frequency than anywhere else on the ...

  • New research shows tornadoes occurring earlier in 'Tornado Alley'
    ( Montana State University ) Peak tornado activity in the central and southern Great Plains is occurring up to two weeks earlier than it did half a century ago.

  • Tornadoes occurring earlier in 'Tornado Alley'
    Peak tornado activity in the central and southern Great Plains of the United States is occurring up to two weeks earlier than it did half a century ago, according to a new study whose findings could help states in "Tornado Alley" better prepare for these violent storms.

  • Severe storms produce tornadoes, knock out power to thousands in Michigan
    The thunderstorms that swept through the metro area Monday night left up to 15,000 homes and businesses without power, but that number has been reduced to 3,000 as of Tuesday morning, according to DTE Energy Co.

  • Floods, Tornadoes as Storms Sweep Across U.S.
    Powerful late-summer storms sparked life-threatening flash floods and several reported tornadoes across the Midwest.

  • Volcano Tornadoes Filled with Toxic Gas Emerge from Iceland's Holuhraun
    Volcano tornadoes containing toxic gas have been filmed emerging from a fissure eruption in Holouhraun, Iceland. "One of our NicAIR II instrments has been out in the field monitoring the ongoing fissure eruption at Holuhraun. Along with recording images of spectacular fire fountains and a sizable SO2 and water plume, we noticed something slightly unusual around 6pm on Wednesday 3rd [September ...

  • Fairmont jumps to first
    Scott Schlaufman | The RobesonianTiffany Hicks was among the many Fairmont players that came through with points Tuesday as the Golden Tornadoes beat South Columbus to take sole possession of first place in the Three Rivers Conference.

  • Tiny Twisters Whirl Around Inside Drops of Helium
    Inside a single wheel-shaped droplet of liquid helium rotating 2 million times per second, scientists have spotted a storm of dozens of tiny tornadoes whirling around. The droplets of liquid helium spun 100,000 times faster than in any previous experiments. The grid of quantum tornadoes inside the droplets could reveal interesting information on the bizarre nature of "superfluid" liquid helium ...

  • Hot Stuff! Toxic Tornado Twirls Above Iceland Volcano
    No worries, though: Iceland is here to help. Last week, the country's cold, stormy weather and blazing volcanic eruption hatched a terrifying new way to die at volcanoes — the volcano tornado. The toxic tornadoes were spotted in a poisonous cloud of sulfur dioxide gas spewing from Iceland's Holuhraun lava flow on Sept. 3. A remotely monitored infrared camera caught the dramatic whirlwinds on ...

  • Storm systems spawn tornadoes in northern Michigan, soak metro Detroit
    A storm system drenched southeast Michigan Monday evening and spawned two tornadoes in the northern part of the state.

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