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  • Tallest buildings in NYC
    New York City is the city of skyscrapers -- and there are more on the way. Defined by iconic Art Deco skyscrapers of the 1930s and modern glass behemoths, New York's skyline is full of history and modernity.

  • The world's next tallest building?
    The man behind the tallest building in the world is planning another as Middle Eastern real estate markets rebound.

  • The right government in small-tech era
    “Twentieth-century technology,” writes economic historian Joel Mokyr in the Manhattan Institute’s excellent City Journal, “was primarily about ‘large’ things.” Large in physical size, that is. Mokyr’s examples include the diesel...

  • What a heavenly view! Stunning photographs appear to show Dubai's famous skyscrapers 'floating' in the fog above the ...
    American Marcelo Castro's shots show the tops of the buildings peeking out from thick fog as the sun sets behind them. Towering above them all is the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

  • ​Living large: The market for super luxury homes
    The number of billionaires is expected to increase in the next decade - and so are market prices for ultra-high-end residences

  • Cool Graphic Thing: Startling Infographic Shows the Empty Space in Skyscrapers
    Photo via Architizer As legions of skyscrapers continue to race towards the highest possible altitudes, it appears that more and more architects are turning toward ornamental spires and completely uninhabitable top floors to eek past their super tall adversaries. This...

  • Absurd Creature of the Week: The Bird That Builds Nests So Huge They Pull Down Trees
    My father worked for over 30 years in construction, falling off of ladders and getting slivers of metal in his eye and generally bleeding profusely. He toiled like a maniac so our family could eat, all while furthering one of humanity’s most indispensable inventions: large-scale construction of shelter. From the most modest roof that my […]

  • Watch Friday's show!
    August 22, 2014

  • Can science fiction save the world?
    Changing our dystopian destiny

  • Mile-long loom band unveiled
    Somerset holiday makers unravel the mile-long rubber bracelet they made together

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