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  • A Conservative Think Tank Shoots Down the Obamacare Census Conspiracy Theory
    We can now pinpoint the exact moment when the Obamacare Census Bureau conspiracy theory lost its intellectual credibility on the right. On Wednesday night, Michael R. Strain, a resident scholar atĀ the right-leaning, pro-business, and anti-Obamacare think tankĀ American Enterprise Institute, argued that the change to the Census survey's health insurance questions was dumb, but not a conspiracy.

  • California sees Obamacare surge as open enrollment ends for 2014
    Thanks to a final April surge, California's Obamacare marketplace enrolled a total of 1.4 million people in private health insurance plans, state officials announced on Thursday, beating a federal forecast by just over 800,000 enrollees. California's Obamacare enrollments are among 7.5 million people nationally who have signed up, according to federal officials. Peter V. Lee, executive director ...

  • Obamacare final enrollment hits 8 million
    Enrollment in private Obamacare plans topped 8 million, the president announced Thursday.

  • Obamacare helped uninsured, says Gallup
    According to a Gallup poll, Obamacare helped 10 million Americans to get new health insurance.

  • Wonkbook: The early benefits of embracing Obamacare
    States that embrace Obamacare are doing much better at insuring people than non-embracing states are.

  • Enrollment surge should end debate over Obamacare, Obama says
    Obamacare has enrolled 8 million Americans, and early data suggest it has a good mix of young people. But President Obama knows Republicans aren't remotely ready to give up the fight yet.

  • Obamacare's impact: Differences emerge between states
    As data on Obamacare's impact trickles out, clear differences are emerging between states that embrace the law and those that didn't

  • California's Obamacare deadline sign-up surge
    California enrolled about 3.3 million in either private Obamacare plans or the state's version of Medicaid, officials announced Thursday.

  • 8 million sign up for Obamacare
    Obamacare sign ups hit 8 million, though final enrollment remains to be seen.

  • California's Obamacare wave was big
    California enrolled about 3.3 million in either private Obamacare plans or the state's version of Medicaid, officials said.

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