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  • Obamacare ‘Clawback’ Lowers Tax Refunds By $530 On Average
    A majority of Obamacare customers have had to pay back an average of $530 of the subsidies they received to purchase health insurance, according to a new report from the tax preparation company H&R Block. The clawback amounts to a 17 percent decrease in the average tax refund, according to the company’s analysis, which was based on information from the first six weeks of the tax season. “The ...

  • Elizabeth O'Brien's Retire Well: How Obamacare users can avoid tax pitfalls
    The calculations behind the Obamacare health-insurance subsidies are creating headaches for many, but it’s still possible for some taxpayers to trim their bills and avoid penalties.

  • Big Obamacare price hikes could be coming soon
    Most customers would have to pay 255 percent more, on average, for Obamacare plans if the Supreme Court takes away their subsidies.

  • Obamacare Premiums Could Jump 255% If SCOTUS Rules for Plaintiffs
    A new study by Avalere Health, a nonpartisan health consulting firm, found that insurance premiums sold on the federal exchange could surge by an average of 255 percent if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare and subsidies are eliminated. Such a ruling in the high-stakes case of King v. Burwell would directly affect nearly eight million people who receive subsidized health coverage through ...

  • Big Obamacare price hike threat
    Most customers would have to pay 255 percent more, on average, for Obamacare plans if the high court takes away their subsidies.

  • Obama Can’t Save Obamacare from the Supreme Court
    If the Supreme Court rules against a key Obamacare provision, the White House won’t be able to save it. On Tuesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the Obama administration has no tricks up its sleeve to manage the potentially looming disaster if the Court strikes down federal subsidies for millions of Americans in the 37 states that ...

  • ObamaCare Tax Penalty: Just For Fools?
    This year, as many as 6 million taxpayers will learn that they now owe a "Shared Responsibility Payment" because they didn't have health insurance last year. The SRP is a clumsy euphemism for ...

  • If Obamacare falls
    Five years ago, President Barack Obama signed a law that will be a significant part of his presidential legacy: the Affordable Care Act.

  • 5 Tough Questions for Obamacare’s Chief
    The HHS secretary responded on Wednesday, saying her department has no contingency plan to stave off any potential disaster if the Court sides against them.

  • This New Poll Shows Why Obamacare Court Ruling Could Be Devastating
    The stakes are getting higher in the looming Supreme Court case that threatens to rip apart the president’s health care law. A new Gallup poll released today shows that Obamacare’s provisions are largely responsible for driving America’s uninsured rate down to a 7-year-low—further illustrating how serious an adverse ruling could be for millions of people who currently have coverage under the law ...

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