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  • Would a GOP Congress Embrace or Replace Obamacare?
    Republicans have been eerily quiet about the president's health care law on the campaign trail lately. Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), told Fox News this week that taking aim at Obamacare is at the top of his list of priorities that he wants the Senate to address next year. If the senator wins his fiercely competitive re-election campaign and the GOP clenches a Senate majority, he ...

  • Cigna says Obamacare business losses on the decline
    Cigna Corp. said on Thursday that financial losses from the new Obamacare health insurance eased in the third quarter, becoming the second insurer this week to say that business was improving. Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, created national exchanges that sell health plans to individuals regardless of age or health. Cigna, Aetna Inc and Humana Inc have said since the beginning of ...

  • Ending Obamacare subsidy: Risk vs. reward
    An insurance expert warned a ruling that subsidies are illegal would be a political disaster for foes of Obamacare.

  • The Fix: How ‘Dodd-Frank’ is becoming the new ‘Obamacare’
    A new meme that could signal a Republican policy priority.

  • Death spiral? Short-term health plans grow as cheap alternative to ObamaCare - VIDEO: ObamaCare still on minds of voters
    A fast-growing, short-term alternative to ObamaCare that allows customers to get cheap, one-year policies could put the government-subsidized plan into a death spiral.

  • Insurers have big plans for 2015 Obamacare enrollment
    By Caroline Humer (Reuters) - U.S. insurers planning to sell 2015 Obamacare health plans expect at least 20 percent growth in customers and in some states anticipate more than doubling sign-ups. In interviews with Reuters, half a dozen privately held and non-profit health insurers around the country say they are expecting this growth based on interest from potential customers they are hearing ...

  • ObamaCare Enrollment 7.3 Million? State Data Cast Doubt On HHS Claim
    The Obama administration's tally of 7.3 million paid enrollees in ObamaCare exchange plans as of mid-August increasingly looks like an artificial peak that hasn't been sustained. The most telling data ...

  • Obamacare: Mitch McConnell Wants It Gone
    Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is in the midst of a fiercely competitive re-election campaign in his home state of Kentucky against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes. However, the 72-year-old Minority Leader of the Senate is already talking about the future of …

  • What We Still Need to Know About Obamacare
    Maybe the reason Obamacare gets such a bad rap is because it has supplanted previous, more comprehensive coverage

  • This Democratic 'reform' would make Obamacare more expensive. Bad idea.
    A caucus of seven nervous Democratic senators, led by Mark Begich of Alaska, has been pushing a plan to "reform" the Affordable Care Act by allowing insurers to offer an even skimpier insurance plan than the skimpiest permitted now.

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