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  • How I Met Your Mother Watch: Mate and Switch
    How I Met Your Mother ’s long-awaited and much hyped series finale turned the series' long-term title story into an elaborate con job. But at least we'll have our memories of the rest of the series. Warning: spoilers ahead

  • 'How I Met Your Mother' Aired the Perfect Finale for Everyone Who'd Stopped Watching the Show
    Last night's How I Met Your Mother ended up doing exactly what its angry fans thought it would do. "Last Forever" finally introduced us to the mother (and named her Tracy McConnell), showing us her fateful meeting with Ted under the yellow umbrella in the last ten minutes of the series finale, and then quickly informed us that she died of some unknown illness and Ted-as-narrator has indeed been ...

  • How I Met Your Mother: Was It a Legendary Finale?
    [WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Monday's series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Read at your own risk.]

  • Bro! Here are 'How I Met Your Mother's' best long-running jokes
    Kids, in the spring of 2014, "How I Met Your Mother" aired its final episode, and part of its legacy may be its knack for long-running gags.        

  • How I Met Your Mother: Meet the Real Mother — Director Pamela Fryman
    On the last day of production of How I Met Your Mother, Alyson Hannigan and co-creator and executive producer Carter Bays implored fans to get #PamFryman trending on Twitter.I am the one person who is not on Twitter. At one point, I got a text from one of my kids that said, 'Mom, you're trending,' Pamela Fryman, the show's longtime director, tells I was like, 'Is that good?' Carter ...

  • How I Met Your Mother: How It Broke the Mold — and How Will It All End?
    Like the year in which Future Ted is recounting his stories, How I Met Your Mother may have been a little ahead of its time. I think [that] the best format for this series is ultimately as a download or a DVD ? a binge-watch, co-creator and executive producer Carter Bays tells I think we should've been on Netflix, co-creator and executive producer Craig Thomas quips. Maybe people ...

  • In Defense of the How I Met Your Mother Finale
    Someone who liked the How I Met Your Mother finale (John Boone) and someone who hated it (Jenna Mullins) debate all things Mother. Spoiler alert: This is filled with spoilers. Double spoiler...

  • Your NYC location guide to ‘How I Met Your Mother’
    When “How I Met Your Mother” first aired in 2005, Ted (Josh Radnor) was looking for the One, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) was looking for just about anyone, Marshall (Jason...

  • Sob! How I Met Your Mother Is Almost Over! Boss Carter Bays Opens Up About Crazy Theories and a "Fond Farewell"
    This one's gonna hurt. How I Met Your Mother's series finale is almost here and to be totally honest, we're not ready for it. It's a love story that has been 208 episodes...

  • ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ teaching life lessons until the very end
    The show looked at life with a "different perspective" and a deep sense of nostalgia, star Josh Radnor speculates.

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