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  • UK studio Milky Tea on animation, games, and coffin dodging
          Milky Tea Studios isn't the first name that comes to mind when you think of video gamedevelopers. There's a reason for that though -- the Liverpool-based company has spent the first decade of its existence as a business-to-business animation house and creative agency. 2015 marks the beginning of a new direction though, with the release of Milky Tea's first major direct-to-consumers product ...

  • Gamma-Ray Signals from Beyond Our Galaxy Pinpointed for 1st Time
    Scientists have detected the origins of three bright gamma-ray signals from objects beyond our own Milky Way galaxy for the first time, including one signal from a strange "superbubble" of gas. The gamma-ray signals from three very different astronomical objects were detected in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) — the biggest satellite galaxy of the Milky Way — by a telescope network in Africa ...

  • Japan self-censors images, words linked to hostage crisis
    TOKYO (AP) — Images or mentions of knives, ransom or blood — or anything else that can be seen alluding to the hostage crisis involving two Japanese in Syria — have been omitted. Some anime and other entertainment programs are altering, canceling or postponing episodes violating those sensitivities — typical of the kind of self-restraint shown here to avoid controversy.

  • No mention of knife, ransom and blood: Japan media self-censor amid hostage crisis
    Images or mentions of knives, ransom or blood — or anything else that can be seen alluding to the hostage crisis involving two Japanese in Syria — have been cut out. The fates of a Japanese journalist and Jordanian military pilot were still unknown Saturday after the latest purported deadline for a possible prisoner swap lapsed with no further messages from the Islamic State group holding them ...

  • Astronomers witness galaxies collide like a bullet and a target
    Eric Hopton for - Your Universe Online Look out Earthlings. Your time here is nearly over. In four billion years, a mere blink of an eye by universal standards, planet Earth will be part of a galactic collision when our Milky Way will smash into the Andromeda spiral galaxy. By then global warming and who gets to be President won’t matter much, but it should be some spectacle. It’s a ...

  • The Entire Milky Way Might Be a Huge Wormhole That’s Stable and Navigable
    Our very own Milky Way could be home to a giant tunnel in spacetime. At least, that’s what the authors of a new study have proposed. According to the team, a collaboration between Indian, Italian, and North American researchers at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Italy, the central halo of our galaxy […]

  • Japan self-censors images, words linked to hostage crisis - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports
    TOKYO (AP) - Images or mentions of knives, ransom or blood - or anything else that can be seen alluding to the hostage crisis involving two Japanese in Syria - have been cut out.

  • Hearing the Early Universe’s Scream: Sloan Survey Announces New Findings
    Imagine a single mission that would allow you to explore the Milky Way and beyond, investigating cosmic chemistry, hunting planets, mapping galactic structure, probing dark energy and analyzing the expansion of the wider Universe. Enter the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a massive scientific collaboration that enables one thousand astronomers from 51 institutions around the world to do just that. At ...

  • These Mind-Blowing New Images From NASA Reveal The Invisible Universe
    In honor of the United Nations' marking 2015 as...

  • UCSB Physics Professor Ruth Murray-Clay Awarded Top Astronomy Prize
    Behind UCSB astrophysicist Ruth Murray-Clay is an artist’s animation of a brown dwarf surrounded by a swirling disc of planet-building dust. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope spotted such a disc around a surprisingly low-mass brown dwarf, or ”failed star.”

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