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  • No mention of knife, ransom and blood: Japan's media self-censor during hostage crisis
    A woman walks past a poster of animation "Assassination Classroom" in Tokyo, Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015. Images or mentions of knives, ransom or blood - or anything else that can be seen alluding to the hostage crisis involving two Japanese in Syria - have been cut out.

  • Japan self-censors images, words linked to hostage crisis
    An online video released Saturday purported to show an Islamic State group militant beheading Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, ending days of negotiations for a possible prisoner swap. The restraint shown by broadcasters and other media during the unfolding hostage drama has spilled over into politics as opposition lawmakers, mindful of the crisis, toned down their criticism of Prime Minister ...

  • How much do you really know about Star Trek?
    As a tribute to the late, great Leonard Nimoy, we've compiled the definitive Star Trek quiz. It'd be highly illogical not to attempt it.

  • ISIS hostage crisis: How Japan censors itself
    The fates of a Japanese journalist and Jordanian military pilot were still unknown Saturday. But Japanese media and politicians are treading carefully on the topic. 

  • 'Fast Radio Burst' Spotted Live in Space for 1st Time
    For the first time, a burst of radio waves hundreds of millions of times more energetic than the sun was caught red-handed as it slammed into the Earth. In recent years, astronomers have retroactively spotted a wacky signature in their data: Every now and then, torrents of energy that last a few thousandths of a second wash over Earth. These so-called "fast radio bursts" (brief bursts of radio ...

  • WGA Awards: Winners List (Updating Live)
    The awards are getting underway in New York and Los Angeles.

  • WGA Awards: The Winners List
    'The Imitation Game' claimed adapted screenplay while 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' took home original screenplay.

  • No mention of knife, ransom and blood: Japan media self-censor amid hostage crisis
    TOKYO - Images or mentions of knives, ransom or blood or anything else that can be seen alluding to the hostage crisis involving two Japanese in Syria have been cut out. Some anime and other entertainment programs are altering, cancelling or postponing episodes violating those sensitivities ...

  • Why do starburst galaxies 'burst'? ALMA sees super stellar nurseries at heart of sculptor galaxy
    Starburst galaxies transmute gas into new stars at a dizzying pace - up to 1,000 times faster than typical spiral galaxies like the Milky Way. To help understand why some galaxies "burst" while others do not, an international team of astronomers used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) to dissect a cluster of star-forming clouds at the heart of NGC 253, one of the nearest ...

  • Fiske's collaboration with BETC could be ultimate in experimental theater
    Mackenzie Paulsen, right, plays Vera Rubin, and Chip Persons portrays Sir Isaac Newton during a dress rehearsal of "Vera Rubin: Bringing the Dark to Light" at Fiske Planetarium. The new play is a collaboration between Fiske and the Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company.

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