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    WINNIPEG - The seat of political power in Manitoba is the last place one might expect to find the bust of Medusa, recurring odes to "666" and the number 13, alongside Egyptian sphinxes etched with hieroglyphics. But a closer look at the province's legislature reveals a whole host of hidden clues

  • O-Parts Hunter's Seishi Kishimoto Starts Sukedachi Nine Manga
    Series to premiere in Shonen Gangan in October

  • ‘Devil’s Advocate’ TV series in development at NBC
    A legal drama based on a movie ,featuring the devil? Definitely sounds like a TV series pitch. Warner Bros. TV

  • Did Drake Just Call Rihanna the Devil?
    So, apparently these exes are not on good terms right now. Drake took the stage at the OVO Fest in Toronto on Monday night, and while giving fans a show to remember, he also gave them a...

  • Drake Reacts to His Alleged Devil Dis: 'Rihanna Is a Great Girl'
    Sure, it may have seemed like Drake called Rihanna the devil, but he didn't mean it. After each occurrence, a picture of Rihanna's face appeared. After the concert, Drake posted a photo to Instagram that showed his silhouette on stage with a red, flaming "6" on the screen behind him.

  • Did Drake Call Rihanna the Devil?
    It doesn't seem like Drake and Rihanna's breakup was amicable. If Drake's Monday night concert was any indication, the 27-year-old rapper's breakup from Rihanna wasn't amicable. According to E! News, Drake was performing in Toronto as part of the OVO Fest when he began singing his new single "Days In The East," which he's confirmed is about his tumultuous relationship with the 26-year-old ...

  • Video: Drake Calls Rihanna Devil During OVO Fest
    The fiery pictures of Rihanna and the number '6' appear three times on the big screen while the rapper performs 'Days of East' during his concert.

  • True Mark of the Beast
    The end was near when people realized the Fuehrer's promise of peace and prosperity was no longer believable. It was the same for Communist Russia. Solzhenitsyn said, "The Soviet Union was the Russian people held hostage by the Communists". Lenin and Stalin mesmerized almost everyone.

  • The Truth Is Out There: The Craziest Conspiracy Theories About D.C.
    The latest conspiracy theory says that the Washington Monument uses ancient Egyptian technology to protect D.C. There are crazier theories. [ more › ]

  • Defense Lawyer Worried That Suspect Caius Veiovis’s ‘Devil Horns’ May Bias Jury In Triple Murder Trial
    Caius Veiovis stands accused of killing and dismembering David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell back in 2011, along with the help of two other men. His two alleged accomplices, David Chalue and Adam Hall, are already serving life sentences for the charges. The three victims were kidnapped and murdered right before they were to

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